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hacker-wallpaper-hd-1-3-s-307x512Hello everyone I’m known on this blog/site as R3ign (Reaching 3veryone In God’s Name) it is a nickname God had given me in a dream as I had a dream about project R.3.I.G.N. So what is Project R.3.I.G.N.? well it is a blog/site where I share my love for God, but more importantly I want to share with you the love God has for you. My goal here is to help the reader connect with God just like they would connect with another person.

Many have a hard time maintaining a relationship with God because they don’t understand how to relate to God let alone decipher the Bible. I recently found out that I have this special gift where I can read the Bible and in return relate it to others in a common language they can understand. Granted many can do this as well but they cannot do it like me for God makes each of us unique and even though the Bible explains about the set of gifts people can receive each child of God has the unique ability to use those gifts giving God endless possibilities.

So what can you expect to see from this blog/site?

Well to answer that question: I hope to offer a large range of posts that Glorifies God as time presses on. But as of right now you can expect to see the following types of post: Journal, Scripture Commentary; and Random Blog Posts.

Why Do I write For The King?

Answer: Related Post

You can find the latest blog posts → Here

This page will become updated periodically.

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